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Tilt Buckets

Wimmer North America offers many sizes and style of tilt buckets. We can match the right bucket to your needs. From smaller buckets for construction projects, to huge buckets for moving tons of soil on large scale operations, we have the bucket for you. With our quick couplers, you can be sure your buckets will be compatible with your existing excavators. Our excavator tilt buckets are second to none when it comes to moving topsoil, but can easily handle rocks and boulders as well. Most tilt buckets on the market cannot make that claim. We have clients who use our tilt buckets in quarries and mines, subjecting them to some of the toughest work around.

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Digging Buckets

Made from Hardox 450 steel, our digging buckets are the most popular attachment for excavators. We have a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit your existing excavators. Whatever your needs are, we have a bucket to match it. Our attachments are used in construction, mining, quarries, road work, and more. Wimmer North America's digging buckets are rugged and reliable. They are simply the toughest on the market. When you need rugged equipment that will be tested everyday, come to Wimmer. Nobody has buckets that can perform in the most challenging conditions, and last a long time doing it.

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Excavator Thumbs

Thumb attachments are a great add-on for excavator buckets. Our tough, well designed thumbs help with any job that requires keeping things secure in your bucket. We have many styles and sizes available, to match your needs and your existing buckets. Wimmer’s excavator thumbs are perfect for the lumber industry, securely holding lumber of all sizes in place while working. We have specific thumbs available depending on what your needs are. We have excavator thumb attachments for logs, brush, cut wood, and more. Our happy customers in the lumber industry can attest that our excavator thumb attachments are the best.

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Our excavation attachment rippers can handle the toughest jobs, and last a long time doing it. Because of the design and engineering that goes into all of our products, you can be assured you are buying a piece of equipment that will last. Our clients have told us they use and abuse our rippers. They handle everything they can dish out. Our rippers are used for the toughest jobs in the most difficult conditions. Designed and tested to perform at the highest standards, our excavation ripper attachments outperform and outlast the competition. Made in the U.S.A. and built to last.

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Wimmer engineering combined
with Hardox steel builds some of the
strongest buckets on the market.

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